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The only time...

...I've ever gotten excited over a flash movie from the trailer.

Brilliant stuff, your brand of humour tickles every funny bone I've got...yes...even that one... Don't listen to the fools who whine about your making Arfenhouse exactly what it should be; random, loud, and perfectly nonsensical.

One question though, is the movie itself going to be Kill Bill themed in its entirety? Loosely based? Very much based? I only ask because considering the last two, you could have done this knowing that the final movie would have nothing to do with it.

Funny the 2nd time, and all others

we've all seen it, but I daresay we'll all see it again. Though I do personall yhtink ScampI is more addictive and funny. Submit that!


The creators of boxer man officially bow before you and your 5ky112. WE GOT REFERENCED!!! I mean, sure the movie was intended to poke fun at all the crap flash that goes on newgrounds, but does that matter!? NO!

Anyway, you will be depressed to know that your interest/hatred of our work has sparked the decision to put out some new episodes to make people even angrier!

As for the movie itself, it's like sex available in .swf format. Everyone go watch it at least 7 times. You will then comprehend the meaning of existence

Misteroo responds:

YES. Freakin' YES. I've been wondering if you ever got to see this thing XD I tried to send you some fanmail over half a year ago but my email got bounced back. Just to let you know--I don't hate boxer man at all--if anything it's also deserving of awards XD It's so... blunt. I loved it. The thought of new episodes makes me want to go stare at porn so that I can postpone asking when the new episodes are coming out.

Contact me sometime--I'm looking forward to the new releases :D

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My god you're beautiful

A game to rival my own little 'rodger dodger' (which has been deleted twice already, but third times the charm). My only problem was that the mouse owuld only move the 'paddle' so far, but hey! I'm not complaining. If you had done the exact same thing and made it a movie instead of a game your score would still be a delicious 10

Davidus responds:

Thank you... I guess. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or a threat that you want to molester me.



another demo!

Thank god! I was just sitting here thinking to myself "we need more demos in the world." If you're going to make a game, MAKE THE GAME!!!! No one cares about how you can piss us off by making tiny demos. If anything, less poeple will play the real game if they're already pissed off! Besides, a demo this linear hasn't come out since that tetris demo I downlaoded with only one piece!

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